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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Scan Ports With CloseTheDoor And Get TCP/UDP Information

Some programs and including Microsoft use ports to communicate with their server. Many malicious programs do this and worth steel info. To create exceptions in Windows Firewall or other you will need to find the port and the protocol. Experts can do this by launching commands but novice prefer easy method.
To export currently opened Ports and to get PID on command prompt type:
netstat -aon >c:\netstat.txt

CloseTheDoor is easy use software identifies all listening ports for TCP/UDP over IPv4/v6 and the associated program files. This will help to find malicious leaks and holes in security. Others will be interested to see what is going behind Windows desktop for general information purposes.

CloseTheDoor feature:
  • Enumerate all listening ports over IPv4/v6
  • Obtain selective information
  • Disable malicious ports
The software has tabs that gathers several useful tools, just scroll through.

If you right click over a process you will get handy context menu tools: Locate the executable file, terminate process, Google:How to close this port...

Download CloseTheDoor from this link.


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