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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clicky Gone Hides Any Windows Using Hotkeys

Boss is here Hide Your Suspicious Opened Windows. Clicky Gone is a utility that allows you to hide desktop applications with a hotkey. Using this tool, you can quickly hide one or more windows on your desktop (including audio) by using a simple keyboard shortcut. It should be noted that the hidden windows will also be hidden in the taskbar. Shortcuts are fully customizable and you can use any key combination.
Installation is easy right click on Clicky Gone system tray icon and open Configuration window to get familiarized with default hotkeys.

Clicky Gone has almost no user interface; it's basically keyboard and mouse driven:
  • control + alt + left clicking a window's title bar to hide it.
  • control + alt + enter hides the active window.
  • control + alt + F12 hides and shows all windows.
  • control + space displays the Clicky Gone menu at your mouse arrow.
  • control + alt + return hides everything and can optionally mute your system's sound.
Other useful options:
  • Boss Mode is used for awkward moments. Its purpose is to hide the active window and mute the system sound (If you are vista or higher then only the sound for the application window will be muted). Pressing the same combination of keys will show the hidden window and re-enable the sound.
  • Special Effects: The only current effect is the inactive window fade out. This feature applies a transparency to only in-acive windows.
  • Quickly hide the active foreground window. Sometimes hiding windows can be problematic, Enabling the `Hide all windows belonging to that process` can help solve these problems.

This hiding game is double edged, ending up with Windows desktop empty from actibity when you're supposed to work on the PC, it can be a bit suspect. Download this useful freeware (portable version also) Clicky Gone from this link.


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