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Saturday, May 26, 2012

mUSBfixer Format Write-Protected USB Drive

All my folders in my flash drives are converted into shortcut can i delete the virus? This question is not new and many encoutered this situation. mUSBfixer is small portable software and support the following fix:
  • Remove Autorun
  • Clear Shortcut Virus.
  • Format Write-Protected

mUSBfixer format the drives, discs that are "Write-Protected" just click on Format Write-Protected and command prompt window will be shown as real time progression then a small pop-up message will inform the success of the process.

Download mUSBfixer from this link.


does not work. says it is successful formatted but nothing happened

sorry for that maybe an update is neceesar you can try the following
if you see an “access is denied” message.
Open commend prompt (Cmd.exe) with administrator rights

type the following, pressing Enter after each command:
1) diskpart
2) list disk
3) select disk x (where x is the number of your USB flash drive)
4) attributes disk clear readonly
5) clean
6) create partition primary
7) format fs=fat32

I was frustrating from my memory card issue. but now your post helped me to solve my issue easily. Thank you for sharing it here and you can use best essay writing service for your future writings.

hey guys...quick question...probably been asked 1000 times but bare with so I'm the singer for a metal band and I've put some of our new songs on a micro SD card. well, not sure what happened but all of a sudden it's not working...meaning when I put it in different devices it's not showing up. as if I didn't put it in at all. it was working fine. I'm thinking it was screwed up when one of the guys in the band removed it without closing it properly but I'm not certain. all I know ow is its not working at all. it say no sd card. so how can you format it if it's not showing up?

question is...can I fix it and if so can I save the files I put on it b4 this? thanx guys for any help...-Ken

you can try it on MAC??? I guess you have to send it to a company to repair if it can be. In order a software to work you need computer to recognize the SD card?

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