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Monday, March 26, 2012

JD Auto Speed Tester Testing Internet Speed

Tracking internet speed can help debug if there is sudden loss of speed at least to find out when the damage started and if it is repeated in the past. JD Auto Speed Tester freeware do internet speed test (upload/download speed, ping, packet loss, Jitter ... ) in the background and saves data to view later on.You can check results by hours, days, weeks, months and accurately diagnose when problem start to appear.

Installation of the software is easy and can be set to restart with Windows and minimize to the system tray.

When testing starts a small progress window will be shown on the bottom left corner of Windows desktop.

The main window of JDast shows the results of all the tests you have taken so far. On the left hand side there is the list view of the data displayed in numerical manner. The Main Graph window is the central part of JDast, it shows graphed results of your tests.

JD Auto Speed Tester Feature:
  • Test download speed from a list of supplied default servers
  • Test Upload speed to a donated testing server
  • Test Ping, Pkloss & Jitter to/from any applicable URL
  • Add any user chosen test file URL’s
  • Test download speed from multiple servers with each test
  • Test download & upload speeds from/to personal servers
  • Test all, some or just one attribute (DL, UL, Ping, Pkloss, Jitter)
  • Load results log into any program that supports .CSV
  • Send automated emails when thresholds are reached
If you would like to familiarize with the freeware then there is an excellent help file included that can be reached from Help/About tab. Download JD Auto Speed Tester from this link.


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