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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Defrag Hard Drive With Jwansoft Disk Defrag

Taking care of the hard drive is important in order to have a greater experience on Windows. Defragging helps to ensure a faster file access, reduce application launch time…

Many companies bring their knowledge to ensure safe defrag hard drive, Jwansoft Disk Defrag is a new freeware that do what it claims.

Jwansoft Disk Defrag key features:

·         Effective and Fastest defragmentation algorithm

·         Safety, it can never damage processed files

·         Simplicity, it can be used without reading the documentation

·         Ability to select multiple disks for defragmentation

·         System files defragmentation

·         MFT (master file table) defragmentation

Installation of the soft is easy and the interface is simple so that novice can use it without troubles in finding the right button.

·         Analyze

·         Defrag

·         Fast Optimize

·         Full Optimize

·         MFT Optimize

Choose the hard drive by checking the right box then Analyze after this defrag with one of the above options, of course the time will differ depending the size of the hard drive and the fragmentation status. File system fragmentation increases disk head movement or seeks, which are known to hinder throughput.

Defragmentation is the correction to existing fragmentation and to free space back into contiguous areas. Download Jwansoft Disk Defrag free version from this link


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