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Monday, May 7, 2012

Synchronize Windows Time With Time Watch

Accurate time on Windows is important to run some tasks, to coordinate efforts on Network machines and for other reasons. Network Time Protocol (NTP) is the most widely used software protocol. For many reasons synchronizing time on Windows sometime fails or is inexact time, this can be due because Malware presence, CMOS Battery, Wrong Time Zone, also Daylight Savings Time…Windows 7 by default tries to call NTP server (normally once a week to update the time, check the value 604800.

If you wish to synchronize daily change it to 86400 for example. Windows will not deliver any message of the synchronization, the only way to check will be to look at the clock and see that it is wrong time.<

Time Watch is a freeware that goes beyond Windows Clock and synchronization capacities. Installation is easy, you will see Time Watch system tray icon with right click options. Because Windows already owns a NTP-Client, it is advisable that the internal time service of Windows is deactivated. This time service can be deactivated in the Advanced Settings.

The program offers information as for example a calendar with all holidays and special days for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as signs of the zodiac, sunrise, phases of the moon, world time and more. As you can see you can monitor the synchronization process and get more details on success or failure and keep your Windows time accurate.

Settings allow tweak basic feature such as Language, Start, Synchronization, View, World Time, Localisation, Updates.
Advanced Settings offers:
  • Start: Automatically Starts with Windows.
  • Windows Time Service: Stop Windows Internal Time Service.
  • NTP Server: You can edit or add new servers. The list of the servers can be also updated on-line.
  • User Rights: you can change the right for user groups or single users to set the system time.
  • Socks: If you use Proxy then details should be entered here.
Time Watch keeps also log details of all synchronization. By default Time Synchronization is with two servers if one fails or not available then the second server is checked, the server address can be changed via drop down menu.Time Watch (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7) is a handy little utility and can be obtained from here.


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